The Gentry is a history of England told through its families. This website contains family trees, a few maps and many images illustrating some of the background to the twelve families who carry the story of England in the book.

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1950s–2010s The Cliffords, Gloucestershire

The Cliffords

Few families in England can claim to have been living in the same place for a thousand years. The Cliffords of Frampton on Severn are approaching that anniversary. Over the last 300 years, they have sustained and beautified the place with a series of solutions that have kept the Clifford and Frampton show on the road. In the eighteenth century, with large amounts of money from marrying a Bristol customs official, at a time when Bristol was one of the great slave and sugar entrepôts of the world; in the 19th century, mortgaging the whole estate almost to the hilt; in the 20th, selling off part of the estate to clear those mortgages, then embarking on large-scale gravel extraction; more recently using one of those gravel pits as a landfill site, combined with intensive horticulture; now, in part, the tourist business. Every one of these solutions has been steered towards maintaining a profoundly traditional view of the gentry’s relationship to the community, looking after the village, not spending today what will be needed tomorrow.