The Gentry is a history of England told through its families. This website contains family trees, a few maps and many images illustrating some of the background to the twelve families who carry the story of England in the book.

Read a sample chapter about Sir John Oglander, the 17th-century squire of Nunwell in the Isle of Wight, his life and family, his dreams and ambitions and the tragedies that struck him....

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HRH’s fiercely exact style means that the existence of his family and household at Kinmel remains carefully accounted for in book after book of figures. Kinmel was, in many ways, life as a list, every book signed off on every page, usually by Florentia but often by HRH himself, either with those initials, or more often as ‘H of K’, Hughes of Kinmel.

See The Gentry, p 332